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Specialist Wood Floor sanding, sealing and restoration in Sheffield, Chesterfield & Surrounding areas.

Step1 - Preparation

We begin by ensuring the floor area to be sanded is free from furniture. We will move any large heavy furniture into adjacent rooms unless this has already been done prior to arrival.

Sanding Wood floors creates a lot of airborne wood dust which can travel around the building easily. Door frames and other areas are sealed with masking tape and disposable dust sheeting. A visual inspection of the floor for loose nails, staples and other obstacles which could damage the sanding abrasives are removed or re fitted if necessary. 


Step 2 - Repair work

Quote Me Cleans Floorcare division includes our own Fully qualifed Joiner. We can repair any aspects of your floor including re fitting & replacing floor boards, Installing additional framework underneath the floor to add support for a more solid floor & also fitting brand new flooring.


Step 3 – Belt Sanding

Using a High Speed Cylindrical Belt sanding machine we go through a process of different Abrasive grades on the central floor area. Depending on floor type and previous finish we go through a range of abrasive sheets 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 Grit.

The Belt sander is an aggressive machine which quickly removes 100% of previous floor finishes. This machine will also remove well over 95% of scratches and surface damage. If the floor is uneven we  use this machine diagonally to level off the floor surface finishing with the wood grain for a smoother finish. The belt sander exposes a Fresh New wood layer which can be finished to your requirements. 


Step 4 – Edge & Corner sanding

The previous Sanding machine will leave a ledge where the central wood is lower than the edges. By hand using a compact oscillating sander we level the edges to match the central area. This machine also removes all previous floor finishes around the edges. For the corners we use a German machine called a FEIN which is a special vibrating corner sander to ensure all visual areas of your floor are sanded to the same quality. Depending on floor type and previous finish we go through a range of abrasive sheets 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 Grit.


Step 5 – Rotary Mesh Sanding

Most contractors will sand the floor with a belt sander to 100grit then apply the sealer. The result will certainly not be perfect, in fact the floor will have a rough feel and gather dirt much more easily.

The Slow speed rotary Mesh sander is a vital procedure to ensure a glass smooth finish. The belt sander used previously is an aggressive machine which can leave ripples and lines in the floor. It is the Rotary Mesh which removes all imperfections left by the belt sander. We use a range of abrasive 15inch circular meshes 60, 80, 100 and 120 grit depending on wood type. This process ensures the wood is smooth like glass, when the wood is this smooth it is much easier to keep clean.


Step 6 – Cleaning & Dusting

Cleaning and dusting is a very important part of the wood floor finishing process. If there is any dust residue on the wood before the sealer is applied this will leave a rough finish and also the sealer will not adhere properly resulting in a shorter life expectancy. After sanding we will ventilate the room and leave the air time for dust to settle. The whole floor surface is thoroughly vacuumed including any ledges & window sills.

The most important process is the final dusting procedure where we use the latest Microfibre floor dusting equipment imported from Holland.

It is quite amazing to see just how much dust vacuuming doesn’t pick up from hard floors. Microfibre creates a strong static charge and Millions of split fibres collect even the smallest of dust particles from the floor. The microfiber pads are covered in dust after this process. If microfiber was not used then this dust would be mixed into the sealer giving the problems stated above.

Now the floor is 100% dust free and ready for your sealant to be applied.


Step 7 – Staining ( If Required )

Once we have sanded the floor we do a small test patch with our range of sealers. If the colour is not to your satisfaction we can discuss applying a range of stains to change the colour of the wood to your choice. Once you have decided on a colour we will then apply the stain by hand to the floor and prepare it for the sealer.


Step 8 – Sealing

We use the highest quality Polyurethane floor sealants manufactured by a specialist floor care company called Granwax based in Alfreton Derbyshire. We have many floor sealants to choose from depending on the finish you require.


The first question is would you like Gloss or Satin?

Gloss is a high shine floor finish which can be cleaned very easily and the level of shine can be increased as much as you wish. We can apply floor polishes which add extra protection & If you want your floor to shine like a mirror we can achieve this for you.

Satin is a low shine floor finish which still has a sheen but not a reflective shine.


The second question is would you like the wood to look light or slightly darker in colour?

When the wood is sanded if you would like to keep it the same colour then we would recommend the waterbased sealer. Granfinish water based sealer will leave the wood very light in colour however as it is waterbased when the first coat is applied the wood grain raises leaving it quite rough. 1 final rotary mesh sand is required to smooth the wood again before the final coats of sealer are applied.

If you would like the wood to look slightly warmer in colour we recommend Granglaze oil based sealer this enhances the natural grain and colours in the wood and gives a beautiful finish. This sealer requires no additional sanding.

Sports halls or areas with high traffic we recommend the specialised sports finish, this is the most hard wearing and gives a high grip factor. Sports finish is only available in satin. Prior to applying sports finish a base coat is required, this base coat also raises the wood grain and so a final mesh sand is required before applying 2 final coats of sports finish.

Call us now to arrange a free onsite Quotation, We will talk you through our work process and show photos of our work so you can see how your floor could look. We can also offer  a Test patch service to show how your floor will look with different Sealants. 
Call us on: 01246 221 631
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